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Iceland Reflection…

I have kept travel journals for years and currently I am transferring my holiday itineraries onto my website. I have spent the last week revisiting an amazing trip to Iceland in April 2014. Iceland stole my heart on that trip and I always said I would love to go back - the only problem is that there are just so many other amazing places that I haven't visited yet! So I thought I would do a reflective blog post - If I was to go again, what 5 things would I do? 



  1. Go in Summer: It would be a totally different place in summer - no snow, warm enough to enjoy some longer hikes, clear roads to access all areas and puffins! 



2. Visit Westfjords - leave the ring road and head further off the beaten track! See more of Iceland's dramatic coastline and fjords and complete the apparently ''life changing'' hike across Hornstrandir 




3. Climb Hekla - I've still to climb an active volcano after all! 




4. Hike to from Skogar to Porsmork - a long 10 hour day hike ending in surreal beauty!




5. Go hiking in Landmannalaugar - the scenery looks stunning!

Have you ever had any of these experiences? I would love to hear about your adventures! 

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