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How to Plan the Perfect Trip

How to Plan the Perfect Trip

People take different tacks when travelling, some arrive at a destination and wing it, going wherever the wind takes them. That is definitely not me. I confess, I am an extreme planner. If I am going to a destination, I want to know that I'm going to make the most of my time there - and a lot of that comes down to research! So, how do I plan a trip?

  1. Decide on a destination

    Sometimes I have somewhere in mind, other times, I use the internet for inspiration. Seeing people's posts on instagram, or pinterest or ask for advice on twitter (@So_where_next) 

2. Buy the Lonely Planet Guide

In my opinion, no other guide book is a patch on a lonely planet! Get a cup of tea and highlighter and read it - deciding which parts of the country you want to go. I always like a mix - a city vibe followed by sopme wilderness and outdoor activities. 

3. Start Pricing

Use SkyScanner to check flight prices and car hire, Booking.com (or occasionally airbnb) to look at hotels.

4. Start Writing Itinerary

As well as using the lonely planet guide book, I search each place I am going on pinterest, making a new board to save ''must see'', ''itinerary'' and  ''secret places'' blogs. I always go on Earthtrekkers blog and Nomadic Matt to see if they have been there too - and what they recommend. I then add all this information into my itinerary, so I know how long I want to spend in each place, and what I want to do with my time. 


5. Book it! 

I double check and book flights and any other transport. I then book hotels. And finally any other trips or activities I want to do. I add all of this information into my itinerary and put it into a folder ready for my trip. 


Planning fully utilizes your time spent on your trip and allows for stress-free travel. 

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