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Top 5 ‘worst luck’ Hikes

Top 5 ‘worst luck’ Hikes

Instagram and pinterest are full of the most amazing, jaw dropping images that have inspired many of my trips. However, there have been times when it has definitely been more about the journey than the view at the top!? This is why I remain in awe of all those people who manage to capture amazing photographs in moody weather - I'd be grateful of any tips! Here is my top 5 favourites in reverse order - when reality doesn't quite live up to expectation.


5. The Yorkshire 3 Peaks - ENGLAND

3 hills to climb in one (long) day - unfortunately we didn't manage one clear view from the top!

4. Snowden - Wales

The pictures doesn't do this justice - I struggle to think of a time when I've been colder, even in gloves my fingers were numb.

3. Old Man Storr - Isle of Skye, Scotland

We waited, and waited, and waited for the clouds to clear... not one break!

2. Kjeragbolten - Norway

I still think this looks kind of cool, even in full cloud. And despite the lack of view, still one of the most interesting hikes I've done.

1. Pulpit Rock - Norway

This was the images that made me want to go to Norway and I saved this hike for my 30th birthday. This gets my vote for one the wettest days - the trail turned into a waterfall on the way back down and even my waterproof jacket didn't remain waterproof.

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