A Holiday Travel Blog


Day 1

On the way to Calgary we stopped at the Heritage Park - 100 years of Western Canada and had a really fun morning (it was also my 29th birthday so a great way to celebrate!). It was unbelievably hot - 36 degrees! The park is full of people in period dress and has different zones. The automobile factory had a fun - the price is right game. There are old shops/houses a steam train to get around it was interesting but the best bit was an old style fun fair!

On arriving in Calgary we zoomed up the Calgary Tower for some aerial views of the city (there is a glass platform!) before going and exploring on foot. It is very much a new city and therefore not too many interesting sights. We did find a nice place to have some birthday drinks and we had a lovely evening meal at Workshop. 

Day 2



The next day we work early for our day trip to Drumheller - Dinosaur Capitol of Canada! I had read that it is a little kitsch but that was part of the fun! We stopped first of all at Horseshoe Canyon (like a MUCH smaller Grand Canyon)





We entered drumheller itself to see the 26m high T-Rex... 

We completed a section of the Hoodoo Drive and saw the strange mushroom like sandstone shapes before heading across 11 bridges to Wayne - a town with a population of just 27 people almost a ghost-town. It does have a good saloon to grab some lunch though! We spent a really interesting afternoon at the Royal Tyrrel Museum of Paleontology where there were fascinating exhibits of skeletons found in the nearby area. there was glass windows so you could see into the labs where the scientists were working with recently found samples. It was a brilliant, really high quality museum.