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Day 1 - Yoho National Park

We drove from Revelstoke to Yoho National Park and our first visit was to Wapta Falls. It was a short 2.5km walk to the surprisingly powerful and pretty waterfall. This was followed by a visit to the surreal Emerald Lake, how can it be that colour!? Just beautiful and we had a nice walk around the lake area. We had chosen Golden as a base to explore Yoho and Kootenay National Parks - on reflection, it was a fair trek into the parks - particularly to Kootenay and I would look for alternatives if I were to do this trip again. 

Day 2 - The Iceline Trail





The Iceline trail is a 20km hike that takes 5-8hours and so we got an early start to the day and drove to the start of the trail. It begins at the magnificent Takakkaw Falls. In the National Parks in Canada there are Red Chairs offering seats with some of the best views the world has to offer, we found out firsts set at Takakkaw, much to my excitement! 





Did I say Abbott's ridge was my favourite hike? Now I'm not so sure, The Iceline was phenomenal! A shirt (ish!) way in you got to Laughing Falls, it may not have been as high as Takakkaw but it was probably more beautiful. The walk contained alpine lakes and meadows which made picturesque resting points, at the highest point of the trail you suddenly come face to face with numerous glaciers and then walk along these, getting views of Takakkaw falls from afar before descending back down the car. A very tough day on the legs but, once again, stunning scenery! 

Day 3 - Kootenay National Park




The day started with our first wild bear sighting - a black bear by the side of the road! Difficult to snap a good photograph of - all I managed to capture was its bum! We drove to our first stop - the BC-Alberta divide line - for a quick photo before visiting Marble Canyon - it was a beautiful spot - and we found another set of red chairs! The Paint Pots were next, naturally occurring ochre that used to be used as paint dye. We then drove on to Juniper Canyon where we dipped our feet in some FREEZING water. Although the Kootenay's are beautiful, they just didn't hold that absolute wow factor that I had gotten from the other National Parks. Therefore if you are short on time, I would put the other parks above this one! 





Day 4 - Yoho

We spent our last day in this area back in Yoho, where we did a 16km hike to Twin Falls. It was another staggeringly beautiful hike that had several smaller waterfalls on the way and Twin Falls itself defies belief that something that special can exist naturally. There is a teahouse at Twin Falls but we were unlucky in that they were hiking for supplies when we arrived! There was an alternative route back via Marpole Lake that was really enjoyable to hike with lots of scrambling over big rocks. A hike that I would really recommend to anyone visiting Yoho.