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The drive from Vancouver to Revelstoke took the majority of the day with planned stops to break up the journey. Our first stop was at Bridal Falls in Chilliwack, which was a short, pretty walk to a lovely waterfall and gorgeous babbling stream. We continued our journey, stopping next at Othello Tunnels in Coquihalla Canyon Provinical Park near Hope. There is a short trail along the river through the tunnels which is a disused railway and the surroundings are beautiful. Our final stop before Revelstoke was in Kamloops which is a small town but had some nice cafes and made a good pit stop! 

Revelstoke National Park - Day 1



This was our first outing in Bear Country and we went prepared with our bottle of bear spray strapped on to our bag and a bear bell jingling. This was the first of 7 National Parks we would visit during our trip which made it worth buying an annual pass. We drove up the Meadows in the Sky Parkway to the lower summit, we walked a shirt way to the upper summit and from there began our hike to Eva and Miller Lakes and Jade Pass - it was a 20km hike, but not too much of an elevation making it accessible to most people. It's difficult to describe the beauty of the place so I'll allow the photographs to do most of the talking - it was just planet Earth at its best. 

Day 2 - Glacier National Park

My favourite hike of the trip! It wasn't my first choice of hike in Glacier National Park - I had wanted to do The Glacier Crest Trail - but when we arrived there was a park warden at the start of the trail heads and they were putting restrictions on some trails - some were closed completely due to bears and some needed a minimum group of four. As we were only a pair, we did a quick change of route and decided to climb Abbott's Ridge - and I'm glad we did. Although I'm sure the other trail would have been just as amazing. It was a tough climb, 1035m of steep elevation, but a scenic hike with a lake half way up and views of glaciers on every side. Just breathtaking, unbelievable scenery.