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Nothing can quite prepare you for Marrakesh. It is an onslaught to the senses - so much to look at, so much noise and  smells and it is very much a cultural jolt, of a epic kind! What struck me most was that you often hear people saying ''spend time getting lost in the city'' and this has never been more true than in Marrakesh. Literally, lost and walking in circles. It is a complete labyrinthine that is a joy to explore. 


Transport: We booked flights direct from Manchester - outbound with Tui and inbound with Easyjet. As it was only a 4 day break we managed hand luggage only. We had arranged a shuttle from the airport to our accommodation considering we were landing late - and due to the ''hidden'' location of the Road we had chosen I was extremely thankful we had! There were plenty of taxis outside the airport - but beware - they will try and rip you off. Also makes sure on your return flight that you get the airport in Marrakesh in plenty of time - it is somewhat disorganised, even if you have checked in online, you still need to go to the desk for a stamp, you need to fill out a form that you hand in the security and then queue for bag check. 2 hours minimum required! 

Accommodation: Again, booked through my favourite booking.com to find Riad Aguaviva and really could not recommend this place enough! Good value for money, really clean and well decorated, such a pretty roof terrrace and courtyard but by far the best feature is the excellent service they provide. I honestly think my experience of Marrakesh would have been totally different without their help and advice. STAY HERE! 

Food and Drink:   Get ready for a LOT of tagine and couscous. It is delicious, but after my 4th vegetable tagine I was ready for a change! Stick to bottled water at all times - and peel your fruit. I had a fairly nasty sickness bug upon my return home which I think was from trekking in the mountains and I'm dubious whether my family host gave bottled water!