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Day 2



Our second day started with a visit to Le Jardin Secret - not in my guidebook but somewhere we wandered past and looked nice. It was actually a little hidden gem right in the heart of the medina - not too far from the main square. It was a pretty Riad - with fresh water brought all the way from the Atlas Mountains and gardens that were a reflection of paradise in the Qur'an. It was such a lovely, peaceful place and we got to watch a man painting intricate patterns on the ceiling of a veranda. Compared to other sights in Marrakesh the 50Dh entry fee seemed expensive, but it was well worth the money!  



We then headed to Koutoubia Mosque and completed the circular path around it. It is surrounded by beautiful gardens on one side and ruins from on old mosque on the other. 



We then spent the rest of the morning wandering (and getting lost) in the souks. We attempted to follow the souk walking tour in the lonely planet guide book, but it was too difficult to follow where we were and it was fun just to wander, try our hand at haggling (we were rubbish!) and to watch all the items being made. 



Our last stop before lunch was Ali Ben Youssef Medersa - an old theological college. The courtyard is absolutely immense! mosaic floors with intricate wood carvings up the walls. 

We had a lunch break at Atay Cafe  (which has a really nice roof terrace) before wandering over to the tanneries. This was probably my biggest disappointment of the trip. They definitely smelt bad, but there were so many men trying to lead you somewhere and get money that it made the whole experience a bit annoying. We had one particular man who wouldn't take no for an answer! We managed to have a quick look in to the tanneries but they weren't as good as I was expecting. 

We decided to start our hike out of the city centre to Le Jardin Majorelle. Yves Saint Laurent Gardens. There was a queue outside but luckily there was also an ice cream parlor across the road - the praline ice cream was incredible! We queued and went straight to the cafe for some homemade lemonade and to rest our feet. We then went to explore the garden - which was beautiful. Made even more so by the pop of blue and yellow around. Very photogenic!