A Holiday Travel Blog

Day 3

After two days of the hustle and bustle of the city we were excited to be picked up at 8.30am the next morning and be driven to the mountains. We had booked a Heavy Walking Day Trip to the Atlas Mountains with Berber Travel Adventures. The car dropped us of in Azimiz where we were given big bottles of water for our day journey and introduced to our guide. We then walked from the village straight in to the mountains. Our guide told us some interesting facts about the political system in Morocco and about the area of the Atlas Mounains we were in. Throughout the day he told us stories of the Berber people and their traditions. Our walk began with an uphill slog until we arrived at our first village and were welcomed into a family home. We were shown the traditional kitchen where they bake bread and then served herbal (absinthe) tea with bread in the living area. It was really interesting and we left a thank you gift with the family - I highly recommend taking a gift, the guide said a lot of travelers don't bother and it is really appreciated. 







After our tea break we continued our hike in to really interesting scenery in the mountains and got great views across to the villages we would visit later. We didn't see one other tourist or hiker for the whole day, only locals in the villages. It is a place totally untouched by tourism so gives you an insight into the real Morocco. At the second home we were welcomed again and have a tea ceremony that they do for special guests. Then served a huge lunch of tagine and fruit for desert. We were full on our 3 hour journey back to Azimiz!

We arrived back in Azimiz with extremely tired feet and enjoyed our car journey back to Marrakech. After a much needed shower we headed out to le jardin for an evening meal - in pretty surroundings. We had a coffee in a cafe afterwards people watching and had a more successful attempt at buying some souvenirs!