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I fell in love with Paris on my trip and I can't wait to go back. It's full of iconic, beautiful buildings, a ridiculous amount of culture, a relaxing cafe culture and a Parisian atmosphere. Of the cities I have visited, it ranks my favourite so far! It was a full two and a half day itinerary with not enough time to do everything I wanted but features most of the main sights! I took this trip with my husband, Tom and best friend Lauren and we had an absolutely brilliant time. 


Transport: We managed to get fairly cheap flights from Manchester to Paris, but be aware, there are two Paris airports and Beauvais airport shouldn't really be considered a Paris airport - its about 90km away and takes over an hour to get into the centre of Paris on a coach. If I went again I would pay extra to fly into the much closer Charles de Gaulle Airport. During our stay we walked HUGE distances but did take the metro on a number of occasions. We bought a 3 day pass, but on reflection it probably would have been cheaper to pay individually for each journey. The metro is not expensive. We also used uber on a couple of occasions - late at night! 

Accommodation: Hotels in Paris are really expensive. And with there being three of us it was a much more sensible option to rent an apartment. We used airbnb.com and after some cancellations on the owners part, we found a really lovely flat right by the Louvre and literally a 1 minute walk from a metro station. It was perfect and a much cheaper option than hotels. 

Food and Drink: There are so many good restaurants and bars in Paris that you are spoilt for choice. We found some gems - see my blog posts for some recommendations. It wasn't too expensive considering we were in a European capitol city, similar to prices you would pay in the UK.