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Rome is one of the most iconic European cities, so it is surprising that I only made my first visit earlier this year. With so much to see and do it was tough squeezing all the history, museums and must-see sights into a three day itinerary. Along with leaving opportunities to soak up the atmosphere of being in one of the most romantic cities in the world. Even just in the taxi journey from the airport I was mesmerised by all the Roman ruins we passed on the way and couldn't wait to start exploring!


Transport: We managed to get cheap flights from Manchester, UK to Rome with Ryanair. Although flight times were not great - we only arrived in Rome late in the evening an our flight back was in the morning. This meant that we had to get 4 nights accommodation whilst only having 3 days in Rome. The taxi to/from airport is expensive - the flat rate fare given is to the outside of the city walls therefore if you are staying in central Rome the cost will actually be quite a bit higher. During our stay we walked HUGE distances and only took public transport on a couple of occasions. On both we used the bus, it is worth noting that you have to buy tickets before getting on the bus - from local news agents or bigger bus stations. 

Accommodation: I used my favourite booking.com to find hotels in Rome. The prices when looking varied massively and therefore there is something for all budgets. Considering we were in a really central location, and the hotel itself was decorated to a high standard we actually paid just less than £100 per night. Much cheaper than the cost of a hotel in a UK city. 

Food and Drink: There are so many good restaurants and bars in Rome that you are spoilt for choice. See my blog posts for some recommendations. It wasn't too expensive considering we were in a European capitol city, similar to prices you would pay in the UK.