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Europe Road Trip

In the wake of Brexit, we decided to make the most of still having European Passports and set out to see as much of Europe as we could in 2.5 weeks. We chose this route, as we wanted to experience as much of Europe as we hadn't already seen - and I love Scandinavian culture so I wanted to explore these areas a little more. We stayed a couple of nights in most locations which was a bit of a whistle -stop tour but gave us adequate time to see all the main sights - although I now have a list of places I want to go back to!



Transport: We managed to get cheap flights from the UK to Warsaw. The car hire cost was fairly good BUT took a fair bit of investigating first. There are cross-border restrictions in many countries and this dictated where we had to start the trip from. For instance, Germany car hire companies won't let you cross into the Baltic's or Scandinavia, Poland, however, did! We got an overnight ferry from Tallinn to Stockholm which was fantastic - it was about £150 EACH for a nice cabin and well worth the cost. Also, watch out for some toll roads in Scandinavia - especially when crossing 'The Bridge'. 

Accommodation:  We booked all of ours through booking.com who I highly recommend. Prices varied enormously in the different countries, as expected, with Poland and the Baltic countries being very cheap, but Scandinavian countries being very expensive - it averaged out across the trip.   

Food and Drink: Again, prices and quality varied on location, but as we were always staying in a city, there was always a variety of choice on both type of meal and price.