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We drove Iceland's ring road on a 10 day itinerary in Easter 2014 - since then I feel like it has become 'the place to go' - I hope its popularity doesn't change the thing about it that I loved the most; that wild remoteness of nature. It is incredible to think that a fairly small Island can hold as many natural wonders as Iceland; volcanoes, geysers, hot springs, mudpots, fjords, lava fields and glaciers but it all does make for one epic road trip. Added to that cool and trendy Reykjavik where we started our adventure...





Transport: Now Easyjet run direct flights from Manchester, getting to Reykjavik is really easy and doesn't break the bank. We hired a car from Reykjavik airport which we used for the duration of our stay. As it was April, there was still lots of snow around and therefore we spent extra money and got a 4x4 Jeep. This turned out to be the best money we have spent - we rescued 3 sets of people over the holiday who had got their little cars stuck in snow! Most of the ring road at this time of year had been cleared of snow and the driving was excellent. But as soon as you turn off the ring road, a lot of the roads are still completely full of snow and ice which led to some scary driving experiences. Take care!

Accommodation: I used booking.com for all the hotels during the stay. Whilst it wasn't cheap, it wasn't too over priced. One hotel still remains my absolute favourite - Hótel Egilsen in Stykkisholmur. 

Food and Drink: In Reykjavik there are SO MANY great cafes, restaurants and bars that you are spoilt for choice. We had lots of amazing food here. Laundromat was my favourite cafe that I found in Reykjavik. Once you get out of the city, there were still many nice places, but it became more difficult to find good vegetarian food! in Hofn, I can recommend Humarhofnin restaurant - we enjoyed a delicious meal here.