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We drove into Akureyri and spent a nice morning walking around the town. It has a lot of cool art sculptures and graffiti and a church to rival Reykjavik's! We had a lovely coffee at Kaffi Ilmur and the most delicious apple cake. 



In the afternoon we had booked a horse riding tour with Polar Hestar. It was great to get up close to the Icelandic horses and the tour was really interesting, we learnt a lot about the horses, how they are the only breed in Iceland and they do a funny walk called a tölt. Important for the rugged landscapes of Iceland. As a non-horse-rider I felt I really had to concentrate to stay on when the horse went into this motion. But what an amazing way to the see the beautiful surrounding landscape. 




Close to Polar Hestar are some gorgeously cute turf houses - Laufas. They weren't open for us to have a look inside but we were able to walk around them and see them from the outside. 



Back in Akureyri we had a lovely dinner at Strikid.