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Golden Circle






After spending a week in Iceland wilderness visiting the golden circle was a bit of a culture shock - where did all these people come from? But when in Iceland, you MUST visit the golden circle, despite the hoards! Our first stop was Kerid - a 6500 year old explosion crater which now contains a lake. I love the colour combinations of the green lake and red rocks. You can walk around the edge of it!






Next was Geysir - the world's most reliable geyser spouting around every 10 minutes! Still difficult to capture good pictures of though! 




Gullfoss came next - apparently Iceland's most famous waterfall... although in my opinion, not it's most beautiful! It is really powerful and has a stunning double cascade. The viewing platforms give access right down to falls so you can feel the mist...

The final stop of the Golden Circle is Pingvellir - a fissure caused by the movement of tectonic plates. Surprisingly, this was my favourite part of the golden circle. The setting is beautiful and I really enjoyed wandering to the top of the Almannagja rift.