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The plan for the day was to drive the Trollaskagi Peninsula where our lonely planet book promised ''vast vistas and rugged mountainscapes between perfect pit stops.'' We were excited and the start of our journey was promising... 

But as we drove the fog came down... and literally didn't lift ALL DAY! I'm sure it would have been beautiful, if we had been able to see anything! It was quite a scary drive, the roads were windy, snow was piled high on either side and the windscreen was just pure white! Luckily, we made it to Olafsfjordur and had booked a little hut on the front of a frozen lake with a hot tub - that was gorgeous. This town was probably the strangest we would visit in Iceland - it didn't feel like they had many tourists, their English wasn't as good here as elsewhere. There was a pizzeria in town where we discovered that nacho's on pizza tastes really good! 




When we woke the next morning, the fog had cleared and we could see some of what we had missed out on the day before. It was stunning!