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We arrived in Reykjavik in the late afternoon so had a stroll around the town to get our bearings. It is actually a really small city so we manged to explore Tjornin (Lake) and Old Rekjavik. We spent the evening having dinner and drinks in lively Vegamot (looks far better inside than outside). Followed by sampling some local beers in Micro Bar.

The next morning we woke ready to explore the city! Only, nothing opens till at least 10am, some more like 11! Because we had taken our time to amble down some of the streets we strangely started our day in a rather surreal penis museum. Definitely not my sort of thing, but there were so many adverts around the city for it we thought we'd take a look. It takes itself quite seriously - pickled penis' are no joke - and the whale penis was disturbing to say the least.

Our next stop was the dramatic Hallgrimskirkja Church, I actually love this building, I love the concrete exterior and the minimalist interior. After wandering around it we climbed to the top for some awesome city views. 




We enjoyed the cafe culture in Reykjavik and found some lovely places to sit and relax. Laundromat was my idea of a perfect cafe, but there were other lovely ones too like Bergsson Mathus. And there are plenty of crafty shops to browse. We explored the harbour area for more great views before heading out to the Blue Lagoon for the afternoon. 




The Blue Lagoon is very touristy, and although I really enjoyed the experience, there are much nicer, more quiet and relaxing thermal spas around Norway - we went to another near Myvatn, for instance, which was far nicer. It is 'must do' on the Iceland trip though!

In the evening back in Reykjavik we went for Icelandic Tapas at Tapas Barinn. Which was a great way for Tom to experience all the culinary delights of Iceland. 





Just outside Reykjavik is the Saga Museum about Iceland's early history - it is worth visiting just for the hexagonal viewing deck with views over the city. We were lucky enough to get an added rainbow bonus!