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Skatafell National Park is an immense collection of peaks, volcanoes and glaciers. We started our exploration of this area with a short hike to Skaftafellsjokull which leads from the visitors centre right to the glacier tongue. Although only a short walk we spent quite a long time here and enjoyed getting up close to a glacier. It had interesting marking posts to show just how much the glacier has receded in recent years. 

The afternoon saw us heading to Svartifoss - a waterfall surround by brooding, black basalt columns - absolutely gorgeous and a really nice walk to get there too. We continued the walk to Sjonarsker view point and Sel to see some turf houses before quickly heading back under some torrential rain! 

The next morning we had booked onto a glacier walk with Mountain Guides and was a definite highlight of the trip. After a brief safety talk we strapped on our crampons and took our pick axes and headed onto the glacier. We soon learnt that the crevasses and ridges are much deeper and higher than they look from afar. The tour guide was brilliant, stopping at points of interest, such as ice caves and explaining why there are layers in glaciers. He also told many scary stories of people being stuck on glaciers. I was most surprised by how much they move! It was an unforgettable experience and I would highly recommend this tour company.