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We set out on our drive to Stykkisholmur via the  Snaefellsjokull National Park. We had a little mid morning break in our journey at Borgarnes, which had an amazing viewpoint. We popped in to The Settlement Centre cafe for a nice cup of coffee and cake. 



Driving the Snaefellesnes Peninsula we experienced our first lava field and left the car for a scramble around and to admire the weird and wonderful landscape.







Further along the Peninsula we reached Londranger, and after a short walk get to the top of a cliff overlooking dramatic scenery of black rock pillars with the waves crashing into them.








Following the road you reach Dritvik and Djupalon beaches - black sand beaches covered with washed up pieces of boats and some fishermen's rocks - legend has it that they were used to test the strength of fishermen - If they couldn't lift the 54kg one they were not deemed fit enough to be a fisherman. These beaches were wildly beautiful and empty!



Our next stop was Saxholl, a tall crater on the side of the road which you can climb for views across lava fields. 


The last stop before reaching Stykkisholmur was a golden sand beach called Skardsvik - the site of a Viking grave!

Before you reach Stykkisholmur you drive through a small town called Olafsvik where you have to stop at Hobitinn for literally the best tasting chips you will ever have eaten! We were starving but I swear they tasted amazing! On reaching Stykkisholmur we checked into our hotel - Hotel Egilsen - which was cute and gorgeous. The whole hotel was so stylish but felt real Icelandic - you'd be hard beat to find a better hotel. Stykkisholmur is tiny! and we straight away headed to the harbour and the island with basalt columns. You can climb to the top for stunning views out to the ocean.