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Norway hit my bucket list after seeing this photograph of pulpit rock and thinking it couldn’t possibly be a real place! I started to research and found photograph after photograph of extraordinary beauty and I decided we just had to go. Yes, it was undoubtedly expensive but the awe-inspiring scenery made it totally worth it. Our trip included 16 days exploring cities, fjords, mountains and beaches and was probably the most beautiful country I’ve visited (so far!)





Transport: We managed to get cheap flights from the UK and internal flights in Norway were also reasonable. The car hire cost, however, was HUGE! We made it even more expensive by doing one-way trips and therefore paying one-way premiums. I would highly recommend returning your car to the same place you hire it to save money. It almost doubled the cost of our car hire and in the end for the entire trip we ended up paying around £1000 (11000 NOK) for a small car. The petrol prices were quite expensive, slightly more than the UK. There are also a fair few toll roads when driving around Norway and the price of these with the ferries can quickly add up.

Accommodation: I found that the hotel prices were fair – probably about the same as UK hotels. The costs did vary depending on location in Norway, with the more popular locations costing more. On average we paid around 1000-1500NOK per night (£100-£150). You could get this for much cheaper if you stayed in hostels or camped and equally there were far more expensive hotels. We booked all of ours through http://www.booking.com who I highly recommend. It was normal in Norway to not get toiletries in hotels, so pack some shampoo!

Food and Drink: Eating and drinking in Norway is expensive, it just is, so factor this into your holiday spends. We ate in a range of restaurants, as well as buying food from supermarkets for packed lunches - both were noticeably more expensive than the UK. As a vegetarian I quickly got used to going into a restaurant and there being nothing on the menu, however, they were always willing to rustle something up – even if it was just a plate of vegetables!?