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The 5 hour drive between Stavanger and Bergen is fairly easy on the E39, but includes a ferry journey of about an hour. No need to book tickets before, just arrive, and there will be a ferry arriving before long.

We arrived in Bergen in the early afternoon and spent a pleasant afternoon exploring. At the east of the harbour is Bryggen, the old quarter of Bergen and the colourful wooden houses make up the Unesco World Heritage site and we enjoyed wandering and soaking up the atmosphere. The harbour front is busy, especially when the cruise ships are in, and has a big fish market. We found a really sweet little café called Krog og Krinkel, who sell a specialty cake – which is a little strange at first taste – called suksesskake – an almond meringue cake.

Walk the quieter streets beyond Bryggen and you will reach the funicular station which you can ride up and get a picturesque view across Bergen.

The next morning we decided to explore the KODE art museums, spread over four separate buildings surrounding a lake. It is a very picturesque setting. Expect to see a lot of the Norwegian artist, Edvard Munch as well as lots of contempory art. It is a great way to spend a morning, and well worth a visit. Behind the museum was a lovely coffee shop called Blom – they took their coffee seriously, but it was nice to have a quality cup of coffee!

There was a whole host of things in Bergen which we didn’t have the time to do, but we got a good feel of the place in our one night stay.