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Our Journey...


Our drive from Jotunheimen to Geirangerfjord included plenty of scenic stops. The first was Lom which contained one of Norway's finest stave churches. It was really cute and looked like it was straight out of a Disney film, especially as because it was a Sunday it was surrounded with people in traditional Norwegian dress. Lom itself was small but pretty, and had a lovely bakery! 



We continued the scenic journey to Stryn, which was a cute little town with a really nice cafe (Stryn Vertshus)and on to Loen. We followed the most scenic road to Kjenndalen Glacier. The drive to it was absolutely magical and full of indescribable beauty. See photos below! 

We drove on towards the glacier, and were wowed by first sight. Definitely the best we had seen so far in Norway. We parked the car and wandered towards the glacier, hardly believing our eyes at how beautiful it was. There were several huge waterfalls, high mountains on all sides, a gushing river and a sprawling blue glacier. Not only this, but it was so peaceful and quiet - Norway's tourist spots had been really busy and so it felt special to find a place all to ourselves. I declared it my favourite place on Earth, it was just so serene.  



We headed on towards Geiranger and stopped at Dalsnibba on the way - Europe's highest fjord view by road. It was a really steep and windy road climbing up to 1503m! (It was also a toll road) The viewing platform was incredible and gave views towards Geirangerfjord. 

In Geirangerfjord...

The town itself is small and lovely! When we arrived in the early evening it was hard to imagine what it would be like with cruise ships in, it was so peaceful. The next morning we were booked on to a 1 hour cruise through the fjord seeing Bridal Veil Falls and The Seven Sisters (www.geirangerfjord.no) . It was great for getting a different perspective of the fjord itself, and demonstrated just how windy and long they were. 

Back in town we enjoyed a nice coffee on the front and people watched as a cruise ship had docked. Before continuing our roadtrip we stopped at a second viewpoint overlooking the beautiful Geirangerfjord. We had timed it well with the sun sparkling off the water.