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Besseggen Ridge

It was a scenic drive from Eidfjord to Jotunheimen National Park. The Besseggen Ridge Hike has made it on to National Geographics 20 World Best Hike's list and so, it would have been rude of us not to do it! It's a 22km on way hike across a ridge between glacial Gjende lake and Bessvatnet lake. Most people take a ferry down the Gjende Lake to Memurubu in the morning and hike back to Gjendesheim. But since the queue for the ferry was so long when we arrived in the morning, we decided to hike in reverse. The reverse hike is supposed to be more difficult as you are climbing down the steep ridge instead of up, but as a bonus the views are ahead of you, not behind. There is also the added pressure that you have to make it to Memurubu in time for the last ferry back or face having to do the 22km back. 

The walk began with a tough uphill section (no surprises there, then, this is Norway, after all), unfortunately the higher we got, the more foggy it got and with it being early in the morning it was really cold! Luckily when we got to the first peak the clouds began to clear and we got our first views.

The view was beautiful, two lakes, one an emerald green glacier fed lake. We could see glaciers in the surrounding mountains. The descent down the ridge was quite touch, especially with it being quite wet and a bit slippy in places. It was not always easy to choose the best route down and I had a very wet bum by the end. 

The rest of the hike continued to give gorgeous views of glaciers, waterfalls, mountains and lakes and we could see why it was such a highly rated walk. It was scenic Norway at its best. It was long and challenging, but by now we were getting used to it. We completed the hike in just under 6 hours and the elevation was 1145m. Our knees were sore at the end, I think they found the steep descent tough going. We caught the ferry and were home by mid afternoon. 


We made short visit to nearby Glittersja farm. We had seen advertised that they had moose and we'd always wanted to see one. It didn't disappoint. We turned up and arrived just in time for baby moose feeding. The farm itself is really cute and has all the traditional farm animals as well as providing sanctuary to some moose. We entered the enclosure and the woman who ran the farm spoke in Norwegian and then translated to English for us. We were given branches and the baby moose was so strong it almost pulled it out of my hand, she also fed him apples and showed us his teeth.