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Our drive to Kristiansund included the Atlantic Ocean Road, it is a road that connects 17 islets between Vevang and Averoy and is a National Tourist Route. It has been dubbed the 'world's best road trip' by The Guardian and with photos like the on opposite, we were really excited to drive it! 




It began in a tiny, tiny, village called Bud. We saw a white-tailed eagle at our first stop off!!  It was a nice drive, and pretty, with good places to stop off and take in the scenery - particularly a new viewing platform about half way along. But I have to admit, it didn't live up to expectations. If you were in this area anyway, then I definitely recommend driving it - but I wouldn't go out of your way. On reflection, I'm not sure I would do it again. 

Kristiansund was a much bigger town than we had been to in a while (although still very small) Down by the harbour there is a new Interpretive centre that houses a nice restaurant and bar on the waterfront which made for a really pleasant evening.