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I had heard so  much about the staggering beauty of the Lofoten islands and it was a part of the trip I was really excited about. The travel from Kristiansund to Lofoten was a long one! We caught an early morning flight to Oslo then on to Bodo where we picked up a new hire car.  We then took the ferry from Bodo, unfortunately the earlier ferry was cancelled and we had to wait a couple of hours for the next one. We had lunch and a bit of time in the centre of Bodo during our wait. Our later ferry meant we wouldn't be arring in the Lofoten islands until around 9.30pm but it was then only a short drive to our lodgings for the evening. 

The ferry to the Lofoten islands is surprisingly slow considering its popularity, but as we neared Lofoten it gave some dramatic views against a setting sun. Perfectly craggy, high mountains erupting out of the sea. 



We arrived and drove 15 minutes to the town of A and checked in to our traditional rorbu, it was the cutest little hut, I loved it! A is just the most picturesque, tiny, Norwegian fishing village but we were already getting a sense of the magic of Lofoten. We stood and watched the most beautiful sunset before snuggling down into our bunk beds!





Our first stop the next day was the village of Reine where we had some breakfast and got the amazing shot of a tiny village at the base of a ridiculously steep peak. Due to the poor conditions of the trail, we were unable to hike Reinebringen which was unfortunate. 

The hike up Ryten was steep and tiring but well worth the amazing views from the top! We took a slightly different route back down and headed to Romberg Beach for a lunch stop. 


We drove to our next stop where we hiked to Ryten via Kvalvika Beach. The beach was amazing, beside the temperature, you would not believe you were in the Arctic circle. It was white sand, turquoise water and huge cliffs. We ran to make sure we touched our feet in the icy sea and found someone had made a really sweet swing - awesome photo!



Our next stop was Nusfjord, such a small, gorgeous, fishing village. It can cost 50Nkr just to enter the village, but as we were fairly late in the season (end of August) we weren't charged. If you walk right round the harbour, to the closed end there are steps up to a large rock and viewing platform to give great views of the village. 



Our last stop of a long day was a 2 hour hike to Utakleiv beach up Holandsmelen. We'd found the walk online and it was deemed 'easy' but the path was actually really steep in places and quite challenging. However, it gave brilliant views to the beach below!

Our base for the next two nights was Svolvaer, which is the the busiest and biggest town in the Lofoten Islands. The next morning we were supposed to have a kayaking trip and were really disappointed when due to winds they had to cancel. We decided instead to climb Svolvaergeita which is  two very distinctive rock pinnacles that daring people will pay to climb and jump between! We Went to the top of Floya and had some great views along the way. Towards the top it is incredibly steep and once you reach the top you have to walk along a ridge - with two big drops on either side - to get views down to Svolvaer. 



In the afternoon we went to explore Henningsvaer - supposed to be the Venice of Lofoten! It was a really lovely town that was pleasant to wander around and have a relaxing coffee on the water front. On the way back we stopped at a gorgeous little beach were we again dipped our toes in the freezing Norwegian sea...