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I asked a colleague of mine (who is an avid traveler) of all the places he had been, which would he say was most beautiful? He answered Slovenia, and it as that conversation that led me to chose Slovenia as my next holiday destination. After researching, it became clear that Slovenia had quaint and natural beauty in abundance. Our two week itinerary started in the capital Ljubljana, on to Lake Bled, the mountains of Kranjska Gora, down to Bovec and the Soca River and on to the seaside town of Piran. 






Transport: Flights from the UK to Ljubljana were reasonable. We walked around the city - it is small enough not to need public transport. To get around Slovenia we hired a car for a reasonable price - the driving conditions were generally excellent. 

Accommodation: I found that the hotel prices were probably about the same as UK hotels. The costs did vary depending on location, with Ljubljana and Bled and Piran costing more than Bovec or Kranjska Gora. All hotels and lodgings were of a really good quality.  

Food and Drink: Eating and drinking in Slovenia was slightly cheaper than the UK, but not significantly so. The food felt like it had Italian influences as well as traditional Slovenian. We struggled to find good tasting wine when out of the city, but perhaps were just unlucky with our choices!