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Day 1

We left Triglav in the direction of Bovec. This meant crossing the Vrsic Pass - 50 steep hairpin turns up and down - I couldn't believe people were cycling it!? 





We continued our drive on to Kluze Fortress and Fort Hermann, this was a really cool visit - it had been damaged during WW1 and you could go and explore the ruins left behind - it made for some awesome photos!




Our last stop of the day was a short hike to the beautiful boka waterfall.

Day 2

We had booked an action packed day in Bovec. The morning began with white water rafting fown the Soca River. It was brilliant fun - I wanted more rapids! It went really quickly - we didn't get any photographs of this. In the afternoon we went Canyoning in Susec Canyon- it is an experience I will never forget! You have to hike up a mountain in a wetsuit and booties (which is incredibly difficult!) and then nature provides a natural water park for you to make your way down. Sliding down waterfalls and jumping into canyons - it certainly tested my fear of heights and fear of smashing your face into a cliff face. The final waterfall felt so big!


Day 3

We spent our morning exploring the Great Soca Gorge. It was absolutely stunning, turquoise waters cutting narrow chasms into the rocks. There is a lovely trail that lets you explore the area.