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Kranjska Gora

Day 1

Kranjska Gora is the perfect base for exploring Triglav  National Park. Our days spent in Triglav were hampered a bit by the weather, both morning started with heavy rain which meant we only really got out to properly explore in the afternoons. On day one we arrived in the area late morning and decided to put on our waterproofs and hit the trail. We chose the Spik Circuit which was a challenging but enjoyable hike - but the worst thing was, we didn't even get a view from the top!? 








Day 2

The rain was heavy again on day 2! Since we were so close to the Austrian border we decided to spend a morning in Villach, where we were treated to an Austrian street festival complete with traditional dress and music. The weather started to perk up, so we headed back to Triglav and spent the afternoon scrambling along a trail in the Tamar Valley.