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Day 2

It was cloudy and slightly damp when we set out the next day to explore the Trotternish Peninsula. This makes a perfect 1 day driving tour with plenty of interesting and picturesque stops to make on the way around. The first stop is Fairy Glen which is just the cutest and strangest landscape. We had a lot of fun scrambling up the hills and investigating the fairy stone circles and making wishes. 




The next stop was Duntulm Castle - although I think castle is an exaggeration, it kind of resembles a pile of old rocks. However, just a little way past this is Single Track Art Gallery & Espresso Bar  which is officially my favourite cafe ever. Its small, stylish, run by two lovely women, has lovely drinks and homemade cake AND sells some gorgeous art work - we purchased a picture of basically the photograph below. You get this stunning scenery by about an hours walk from the cafe, look for a trail starting by a red telephone box and follow it. It leads to a coastguard lookout but you can take a very steep trail down further to get this view. 





Mealt Falls and Kilt Rock were next...




Further round the peninsula you reach Quiraing, one of the most iconic Skye views. You can take the trail right up to the rock pinnacles and the surrounding scenery is breathtaking. 




The last stop on the peninsula is Old Man Storr, but between this and Quiraing there is Skye Pie Cafe, which does a great cup of tea (or lunch) in a cutesy setting with pies you can take out and cook for tea - as we did! 


I was so excited about Old Man Storr - this is what you think of when you think of the Isle of Skye. A 50m high basalt pinnacle. Despite it looking close, it is a fair walk to reach the rock, and I wanted to go behind it to try and get some good photographs. Despite waiting in the rain and wind until frostbite was almost setting in, and performing some weather chants, the fog was persistent and I didn't manage to get that awesome shot! Maybe next time... I still loved him!