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Day 3

The sun was blazing on our third day, which was perfect for hiking in the Cullin Hills - we had chosen to complete the trail to Sgurr na Stri - apparently the best views on Skye. We set out from Sligachan on what was to be a very long walk! It was quite an easy walk, with the first section being largely flat and the total ascent was only 650m, but it is long - 24km - and it is this that makes it tiring - especially on the return journey. We also found the trail wasn't that well signposted, particularly nearing the peak and actually took a wrong turn on two occasions... From the beginning the scenery was gorgeous, so we were of to a promising start. 




We saw Eagles on our way and had a lovely picnic by a little lake after the first section of ascent. We continued and saw some little deer sitting on the rocks. The last section of the climb is really fun, steep and scrambling. When we reached the top we found that he reviews were not wrong - this is one of the best views anywhere - never mind just on Skye! The sea looked like it could have been the Mediterranean, sparkling turquoise blue with tiny boats. Just beautiful. We stayed on the peak for quite a while exploring and taking in the amazing scenery in every direction.

Ana amazing hike - hugely recommended - even though the walk back was grueling on the feet!